Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowmen Cards!

I just love that feeling when you know it's winter, it's cold outside, Christmas is coming and hopefully so is the snow. This week we had to start using the de-icer on the car!!!!! This cold weather has inspired me to make some snowman cards which are ideal for Christmas cards and also winter birthdays (which are so hard to make for without being too festive). These cards were made using ready-made toppers, I know it's cheating but as Christmas nears I find them perfect for quick makes for people you've forgotton (not that I've forgotten anyone again this year.........) My top tip at Christmas is to always have a handful of spare cards for when that friend you've not seen in a while pops round to give you theirs.

This snowman is so prettty flying like a Christmas angel. I decided to use Blue icy tones here to tie in with the chilly colours of the snowman and his blue scarf. I love using silver mirror board on my Christmas cards to add some festive sparkle. The 'let it snow' greeting comes from the heart as I'm desperate to build my first snowman of the year.

This card is made in a similar style to the first but here I used a Forever Friends greeting and some extra special swirly paper which looks to me like snow blowing in the wind.

I decided to use a swirly Christmas vellum greeting on this card to match in with the swirls of the background paper.

This card was the last in my snowman batch and as I was starting to feel a little cold I decided to use some warmer colours. The pink and brown is quite retro and the felt snowflake brad is so touchy feely and adds a touch of dimension.

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