Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sexy Shoes

Try these fabulous shoes for when a simple card just simply isn't enough!!! These shoes are fabulous to hold table presents, can be sent in a box in place of a card or simply for decoration in your home!!

I got this idea from a craft magazine. If anyone would like the templates please e-mail and I will send them to you.

Step 1:

Draw around the template labelled "bottom" onto coloured paper or thin cardstock, cut out and fold where indicated.

Step 2:

Glue the tabs underneath to form the heal of the shoe.

Step 3:

Draw around the template labelled "top"onto coloured paper or thin cardstock, cut out and fold where indicated.

Step 4:

Glue the tabs under the sole of the shoe, I find double sided tape works best here.

Step 5:

Draw around the template labelled "toungue", cut out fold where indicated and glue in place.

Step 6:

Decorate!!!! ( I used ribbon to make an ankle strap and a chipboard shape as an embellishment)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Christmas is nearly upon us!!!!

I know that in September it sounds way too early to be thinking about Christmas but there's sooo much to do!!! Decorations, cards, shopping, presents, wrapping, not to mention finishing scrapping last years Christmas photos.

So I've decided to start early this year to avoid the crazy rush to try to get everything finished in the week before Christmas.

And it seems I am not alone; check out the Docrafts website ( for the card making project of the week, this week it is a beautifully crafted Christmas card by Clare Curd.This has definetely inspired me to try out the Papermania A Christmas Carol range, I'll let you know how I get on.

Lucy x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Picture Frame

This is a beautiful idea that I stole from Create and Craft T.V. I give you the basic construction here but you can decorate this in any way you choose and totally change the look of this design. Give as a gift in a gift box, or send in place of a card.

To make:

Step 1- Start with a square of double sided card.

Step 2- Fold the square in half diagonally twice.

Step 3- Fold the corners into the centre to create a square.

Step 4- Turn over and fold the corners into the centre again.

Step 5- Fold the points out to the edge of the square to make a frame.

Step 6- Wrap ribbon around the triangles making up the frame and stick the points down to hold it in place.

Step 7- Decorate the centre. I used a sheet of pearlescent card and a decoupage snowman in the dark blue example and a photo of my beautiful poodle Teddy in the other.

Step 8- Turn over and fold down the two bottom flaps to make a stand.

Step 9-(Optional) Decorate the edges. I used peel off snowflake stickers on my snowman example.

Give it a try. You could also make Christmas decorations for the tree by threading ribbon through the top, or make photo frames by using photos in the centre as in my Teddy frame, or do what I did in my snowman example and just make pretty frames for any occasion.

Lucy x

Inspiration Ideas!!!

We have all suffered drom Crafters Block at one point or another, and it's not always easy to overcome. So I've compiled a list of top tips to help for when inspiration eludes you.

1- Visit haberdashery stores, the different textures, colours and patterns of the fabrics is sure to inspire. (This can also be done online for those of us who are a little lazier)

2- Reread old craft magazines. Magazines that have been gathering dust for months are full of ideas you wanted to try but never got round to. (Also craft books)

3- Visit blogs online. You can adapt any project to suit your own requirements by changing the colours, patterns, etc.

4- Craft fairs and shows. There are always lots of new products and demos to inspire.

5- Go through your photo albumn. Pictures of friends, family, nature, special occaisons, trips away etc will give you ideas.

6-Flick through your paper stash. Sometimes just looking at the different papers in your collection will get your creative juices flowing.

Hope this helps

Lucy x

Teabag Folding

I have recently discovered Teabag folding (and no this has nothing to do with your morning cuppa). This is a technique that is new to me but I've tried it and I love that you can get so many delicate shapes starting with just a square.

Top Tip: If you want to try this technique but don't want to invest in the teabag papers until you know you enjoy the technique try using squares of polka dot, plain or stripy paper for a slightly different look.

To make this card do the following:

Step 1- Fold a large teabag square in half with the patterned side going inwards.
Step 2- Unfold, then fold the paper twice diagonally with the pattern going outwards.

Step 3- Push inwards to create a triangle.

Step 4- Fold the points on the front upwards towards the top (this should look like a triangle behind a diamond)

Step 5- Repeat until you have four. Put the four together so the triangles create a square.

Step 6- Fold four small squares diagonally to make triangles and slot them behind the points of the square.
Step 7- Mat and layer onto paper and card, then finish the card off with ribbon, a greeting, and self adhesive jewels.

Hope you enjoy trying this technique as much as I did.
Lucy x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Welcome to Munyip Makes!

Hi, my name is Lucy. I have the nickname Munyip because as a child I had very big ears; the name has stuck but luckily the ears have gone!

I love to craft, and wanted to share this passion with you all. I am especially interested in paper craft, which will be the main focus of this blog, but I also create jewellery and very occasionally fabric crafting.

To start with I will update twice a week, showing you some of the things I have made, and how I made them. I will also do reviews of some of the products I use and bring you exerps from some of my favourite craft magazines; i'm an addict!!
That's all from me for now, but first I'd like to introduce you to my favourite new product for christmas. It's from Flowersoft and it's called polar white, I love it because it not only has the softness that we've all come to know flowersoft for but also now sparkles!!!!! The topper that I think is perfect for it is Polar Friends - Sleigh Bells, the white makes perfect snow and polar bear fur, but it's also nice to add tiny touches of other colours as an accent.

That's all for now. Lucy x