Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Teabag Folding

I have recently discovered Teabag folding (and no this has nothing to do with your morning cuppa). This is a technique that is new to me but I've tried it and I love that you can get so many delicate shapes starting with just a square.

Top Tip: If you want to try this technique but don't want to invest in the teabag papers until you know you enjoy the technique try using squares of polka dot, plain or stripy paper for a slightly different look.

To make this card do the following:

Step 1- Fold a large teabag square in half with the patterned side going inwards.
Step 2- Unfold, then fold the paper twice diagonally with the pattern going outwards.

Step 3- Push inwards to create a triangle.

Step 4- Fold the points on the front upwards towards the top (this should look like a triangle behind a diamond)

Step 5- Repeat until you have four. Put the four together so the triangles create a square.

Step 6- Fold four small squares diagonally to make triangles and slot them behind the points of the square.
Step 7- Mat and layer onto paper and card, then finish the card off with ribbon, a greeting, and self adhesive jewels.

Hope you enjoy trying this technique as much as I did.
Lucy x

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