Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Picture Frame

This is a beautiful idea that I stole from Create and Craft T.V. I give you the basic construction here but you can decorate this in any way you choose and totally change the look of this design. Give as a gift in a gift box, or send in place of a card.

To make:

Step 1- Start with a square of double sided card.

Step 2- Fold the square in half diagonally twice.

Step 3- Fold the corners into the centre to create a square.

Step 4- Turn over and fold the corners into the centre again.

Step 5- Fold the points out to the edge of the square to make a frame.

Step 6- Wrap ribbon around the triangles making up the frame and stick the points down to hold it in place.

Step 7- Decorate the centre. I used a sheet of pearlescent card and a decoupage snowman in the dark blue example and a photo of my beautiful poodle Teddy in the other.

Step 8- Turn over and fold down the two bottom flaps to make a stand.

Step 9-(Optional) Decorate the edges. I used peel off snowflake stickers on my snowman example.

Give it a try. You could also make Christmas decorations for the tree by threading ribbon through the top, or make photo frames by using photos in the centre as in my Teddy frame, or do what I did in my snowman example and just make pretty frames for any occasion.

Lucy x


  1. I love the frames! Soooo cute!


  2. Just made these up as place settings by replacing the picture with an elegantly written name, what a fab idea, so pretty and quaint.


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