Thursday, 14 October 2010

I'm Back!!!

Well after a long and very busy summer, I'm back to my blogging. I've only just been able to find time to craft recently, but unfortionately had no time to blog, so I have lots to post about in the next few weeks. I've recently been focusing on card-making, getting ready for Christmas in particular, but this week I'm going to start making some little felt decorations too, yes thats right I've caught the sewing bug!

Although busy, I have managed to fit in a couple of craft shows.... I went to Alexandra Palace for the The Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show on 25th September. I came away with some fabulous papers, cardblanks, foam tape,  embellishments and a lovely little elephant template which I've used so much already. Then on 3rd October we went to Hatfield house for the Rock Gem 'n' Bead show, I got some lovely gemstones which I intend to wrap in wire cages as pendants for my necklaces, and earings.

My jewellery making has been great through the summer as I've been able to squeeze in half an hour here and there without having to unpack lots of craft things, I enjoyed sitting in the garden for a while after work creating beaded gifts for people, while trying (and failing) to get a summer tan.

Buttons are also high on my agenda this month. I'm intending to try out some button covered favour boxes for my wedding with some little boxes I brought on sale for 10p each, and some more button jewellery too. We'll see how that goes......

Anyway off to work for me, there will be some pictures and crafts posted tomorrow. xxx


  1. Welcome back to blogging small paul! :)

  2. Brilliant to see you blogging again...looking forward to seeing photos of some finished products.


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